You never know when Happy Tail will strike! Order now and keep a Tail-Bandit at home for when your dog needs it


When your dog wags and whacks its strong tail into walls, cages, or corners, the poor pup is left with a bleeding wound on its tail. And you’re left cleaning up the “happy tail crime scene” spattered on your walls and ceilings.

"My dog’s Misty’s tail was like a lethal weapon! She would constantly break open her tail on corners and cages. It wouldn’t heal for months."
—Donna K.


The Tail-Bandit® attaches to the tip of your dog’s tail and protects it from getting cut.

"With the Tail-Bandit®, your dog can happily wag its tail! You don't need to worry about Happy Tail cuts or your dog chewing off a bandage."
—Donna K.

Avoid the “happy tail crime scene”!

Easy to Attach and Adjust on Your Dog’s Tail

Stop struggling with duct tape, soda bottles, or pool noodles that don’t fit your dog’s tail! The Tail-Bandit® easily fits and secures to any long-tail dog.



1. Waist Harness Belt Buckle
2. Adjustable Tail Cage with Velcro
3. Snap Hook


great dane testimonial 1

"The Tail-Bandit® did a great job of securing their tails. Cleaning it was very easy. I did not notice that it slipped or moved around at all!"

-Jess G, Proud Owner of Great Danes Gunnar and Cronus

Protect your dog's tail from cuts!


How Tail-Bandit® Works To Keeps Tails Happy

Prevent tail cuts before they happen

Use Tail-Bandit® as a preventative measure for your Happy Tail prone pup. Your dog can wag its tail without worry!

Comfortably stays on your dog’s tail

Most dogs don’t notice the Tail-Bandit® at all! It stays snug and secure without constant attention.

Easy to adjust, reattach, and reuse

Velcro and an snap hook make it simple to take on and off when dog needs to go to the bathroom. And it’s washable and reusable!

Great danes testimonial 2

"I can’t even believe how wonderful the Velcro is! Getting it on in such a speedy fashion is a HUGE plus for 2 boys that can’t sit still!"

-Jess G, Proud Owner of Great Danes Gunnar and Cronus

Prevent the mess!

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